It can be difficult to choose which place is right for your vacation with so many Caribbean islands and so little time. In your life, you will probably not be able to see them all.

At a minimum of 28 island nations are present in the Caribbean, including islands off the coasts of South and Central America, and Leeward and Windward Island. There are over 7,000 individual islands.

Here we have listed Most Visited The Caribbean Island countries. Which beach is better than the other beach paradise? Well, we listed 28 best islands in the Caribbean here. This is our review to help you make your decision.

1. Dominican Republic (DO)

 (  In 2017 Estimated stay over tourists in DR 6,197,842 )

dominican republic caribbean island tourism
The Dominican Republic Caribbean island tourism

The Dominican Republic is a tourist destination which is very popular looking for a quiet, idyllic vacation, an outdoor experience and a colonial tinge of history. In the Caribbean Islands, there are about 10,766,998 (10,7 million). The turquoise waters of the famous Punta Cana are completed with rich Palm trees that make this tropical destination the perfect postcard.

For honeymooners and love birds, it is easy to fall in love with natural beauty and rich Spanish heritage from its blazing cliffs to peaceful mangrove lagoons.

Some go intimidated to find the ridges and hiking trails of the Enriquillo Valley and the green Armando Bermudez national park indescribably.

Some tourists will head to the lovely Cibao coast and hop between fishermen’s towns and salt-washed coastal cays.

2. Cuba (CU)

(In 2017 Estimated stay-over tourists in Cuba: 4,700,600) 

Cuba plenty of vintage cars 

This is an 11,252,000 (11.2 million) populous country Caribbean Islands, have  Tourists from around the world are drawn to the mystique of Cuba, an island that boasts a pristine coastline, an abundance of parks and several UNESCO natural reserves.

The city of Havana is well known for its lively entertainment featuring jazz and Latin music and dance, and copious amounts of rum-flavored drinks. 

 plenty of museums and art galleries and also plenty of vintage American cars, Cuba offer a window into the country’s rich history and culture.

Cuba offers up an eclectic blend of old-world charm in its neoclassical and baroque architecture, mixed with post-modernist styles and natural landscapes. 

3. Jamaica (JM)

( Actual 2017 stay-over tourists in Jamaica: 2,352,915)

This is a 2,729,000 (2.7 million) populous country Caribbean Islands,
Start from the Jamaican north shore, where powdery white sands run their way along the coast from the ivory stretches of iconic Seven Mile Beach. 

In the west to breath-taking waterfalls in the east, Jamaica is well known as the playground of the Caribbean.

In the east and the mighty Blue Mountains rise in verdant swathes of jungle, Jamaican boas swinging from the vines and the scents of coffee beans wafting along the undergrowth.

With more than 170 attractions spread out over the island, there’s literally something for people of all ages to enjoy. Stroll the beaches of Montego Bay by day and dance to the latest reggae music at one of the city’s nightclubs. 

In Kingston, explore the life and work of the legendary Bob Marley at his namesake museum and have lunch at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records.

Take a thrilling bobsled ride through the forest and go swimming with dolphins in the resort town of Ocho Rios.

4. Puerto Rico (PR)

( In 2017 Actual stay-over tourists in Jamaica is – 1,672,707 ) 

unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) southeast of Miami, Florida.

Puerto Rico Caribbean Island Tourism
Puerto Rico Caribbean Island Tourism

This is a 3,508,000 (3.5 million) populous country in Caribbean Islands, 
There is much to be enjoyed in Puerto Rico, an island with old Spanish charm and modern attractions and accommodations. the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars, and casinos. It’s Old San Juan neighborhood features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive, centuries-old fortresses.

Go east to find the beautiful Luquillo beaches and the frog-spotted forests of El Yunque, or south to see off-the-beaten-track Ponce, complete with curious multi-colored cathedrals and some of the emptiest sands on the island.

Boasting over 500 years of history and culture, Old San Juan – a registered UNESCO World Heritage site and the historic colonial settlement within the capital, San Juan – is the oldest city in Puerto Rico. There is no other Caribbean island with a greater number of art galleries, museums or festivals dedicated 

Puerto Rico’s yearly calendar is teeming with mesmerizing cultural events, such as the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián in January, which marks the end of the holiday season, and the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest, which brings together Latin jazz stars from all over the world. Furthermore, Puerto Rico’s top-quality gastronomy is deeply intertwined with the island’s culture: the unique flavors that have been passed from generation to generation – beginning with the Taíno Indians and later influenced by the Spanish, while adding the tastes imported by African slaves – have melded together to create a full gourmet experience that has delighted visitors for decades. Puerto Rico is also the birthplace of the world-famous piña colada cocktail.

5. Bahamas (BS)

( Actual 2017 stay-over tourists in Bahamas: 1,335,933 )

This is a 379,000 populous country in Caribbean Islands, The beautiful island chain of the Bahamas is a haven for relaxation and its sun-drenched beaches are among the world’s best.

The Bahamas connect the Caribbean with the coastal reaches of the United States – and more specifically, the Sunshine State of Florida.

With its serene, laidback atmosphere, pristine waters, and rich, vibrant culture, the Bahamas is perfect for a quick weekend getaway or an extended tropical vacation.

Take a trip to The Exumas to see the swimming pigs and explore other islands between sips of Bahama Mama, one of many rum-based cocktails on the island.

Be sure to try the famous conch salad and craft beer from the Pirate Republic Brewery.

6. Aruba

( Actual 2017 stay-over tourists in Aruba: 1,070,568)

Aruba shares much with its Latin American neighbors.

This is a 104,822 populous country in Caribbean Islands, Visitors to the Dutch enclave of Aruba can enjoy ultimate relaxation on its breath-taking white-sand beaches or embark on thrilling escapades to explore the natural landscape.

weather remains unusually steady and warm, unperturbed by the hurricanes and cyclones that wash through the Atlantic belt.

The coastline offers an abundance of activities for the watersport enthusiast including snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. There are also many land-based options such as horseback riding and hiking. 

Take a dip in the natural pool at the Arikok National Wildlife Park or stroll through the capital, Oranjestad, and gaze at the city’s amazing colonial-era architecture.

7. US Virgin Islands

( Actual 2017 stay-over tourists in United States Virgin Islands(US): 874,194 )

This is a 105,000 Population country in Caribbean Islands.

Some time tourists call USVI as Caribbean paradise.

Island hopping between St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas is a breeze with regular ferries between the islands. There’s so much to do in the US Virgin Islands (USVI), from exhilarating adventures to tranquil relaxation and a host of activities in between. 

there’s Salt River Bay, a verdant bloom of mangrove forests that spills into the cobalt blue and pretty underwater corals of Buck Island Reef.

Saint John and Saint Thomas, together with countless smaller specks of rocky land like Water Island, Thatch Cay and Hassel Island, offer up a pick and mix of little coves and cliff-backed inlets to explore by boat.

 Shopping is also a major attraction of the USVI, thanks to a $1,600 duty-free allowance.

8. Barbados

( Actual 2017 stay-over tourists in Barbados: 642,350 )

Barbados:  capital Bridgetown

This is a 283,000 Population country in Caribbean Islands. Travelers are drawn to the warmth of the island and its people, basking on its white-sand beaches and countless off-road adventures. 

Like most Caribbean islands, Barbados has a tropical climate boasting average temperatures of between 24°C and 29°C making it the perfect winter getaway. 

In Barbados, the yachts bob in the harbors of UNESCO-attested Bridgetown, and potent rum is sipped between the distilling tanks of Mount Gay.

9. Martinique

Actual 2017 stay-over tourists: 535,646

Martinique Caribbean Island Tourism
Martinique Caribbean Island Tourism

Martinique is a rough island in the Caribbean which belongs to the Lesser Antilles. A region overseas in France, its culture is a distinctive combination of French and western Indian influences. Fort-de-France is a big city, with steep hills, narrow roads and La Savane, a shopping and coffee-like garden. The garden features the statue of Napoleon Bonaparte’s original island Joséphine de Beauharnais.

The magic of Martinique can be found in its diverse creole cuisine, influenced by the country’s African, European and Indian heritage.

Martinique combines the tropics with all the beauty that you would expect from the French overseas area, a patchwork of virgin forests and rising volcanic mountains, cascades, coastal hills and an occasionally powdery cove with the Caribbean Sea moving in and out regularly.

In the north, you find black sandy beaches and rainforests with more lovely sands to the southSights include La Pagerie, where Napoleon’s Josephine was born, and Diamond Rock, a six hundred foot peak once registered as a British warship.

Popular Destinations in Martinique

Trois-Ilets, Fort-de-France, Sainte-Anne, Le Diamant, Sainte-Luce, Le Marin.

10.  St Martin / St Maarten‎

(Estimated 2017 stay-over tourists: 528,154)

St Maarten is the top ten most frequented in the Caribbean. And St. Maarten offers a wide variety of culinary delights with over 300 restaurants on its small estate of just 37 square miles which have been renamed the Caribbean Culinary Capital.

St Martin or St Maarten Caribbean Island Tourism‎
St Martin or St Maarten Caribbean Island Tourism‎

The spicy marriage of the cultures the Caribbean, French and Netherlands cultures matches its physical diversity: the island is urban and undisturbed, the rainforest islands are full of landscapes, White Beaches and wonderful wildlife caves.

The sand is shining and glowing at north Orient Bay with its electric – blue sea, the cocktails are spilled into the Mullet Bay tide, and the pirates ‘ footsteps still mark the untouched and tiresome Pinel Island smuggling coves in the east.

Popular Destinations in St Martin / St Maarten

Philipsburg, Simpson Bay, Terres Basses, Marigot, Orient Bay, Grand Case, Cupecoy Bay, Oyster Pond, Maho, Cole Bay, Cul de Sac, Baie Nettle.

11. Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos in Atlantic waters are the best in the Caribbean. Hop on a hired bike or scooter between the islands with a ferry or explore an island. The Turkish Rivers and Caicos ‘ eight largest islands just east of the Bahamas are located in one of the world’s longest reefs of coral, 230 miles of white sandy beachesclear waters and abundant diving areas.

Grace Bay Providenciales Turks and Caicos Caribbean Island Tourism
Grace Bay Providenciales Turks and Caicos Caribbean Island Tourism

In the middle of the Lucayan Archipelago, peppering more than 300 tiny islets, many of the TCIs (as it is called short) are little more than just rocky sandbanks that are rising above the Caribbean Sea waters.

Tauchboats, sunbathing, horseback riding, Scuba diving… Grab your pick. Just take your pick. “Provo,” including the perfect coastal lines, offers a lot for a happy couple to go hand in hand.. The island itself remains relatively quiet; try to get far from the crowds on Malcolm Beach.

Cockburn Town’s salt-washed jetties might be the capital, but the Providenciales laid-back jetty draws every crowd.

This is also the home of deep-fried conch clams in the island! Moreover, the TIC offers romantic honeymoons on its own private island, beaches like Malcolm Strand and the glowing Chalk Sound turquoise currents!!

Popular Destinations in Turks and Caicos

Providenciales, Grace Bay, Grand Turk, Turtle Cove, Long Bay Beach, Cockburn Town, North Caicos, Leeward, South Caicos.

12. St. Lucia

St. Lucia Caribbean Island Tourism
St. Lucia Caribbean Island Tourism

The spa experience in St. Lucia is in more than one way. One is to book a treatment in any one of the island’s luxury spas and resorts. The other is to visit the Sulphur Springs within the bowling of an extinct volcano and try a Roman bathtub at 31 ° C/88 ° F. The other is the Sulphur Springs.

It rose and climbed, peaking with the mighty Piton Duo, or climbing to a sweeping 950 meters in its heart with the jungle – dressed Mount Gimie rather than being overwhelmed by mangroves or palms.

Bubbling volcanic springs and mud ponds exist, carved and changing the island’s interior around Soufriere forever.

It’s here that travelers will discover the beautiful Anse Chastanet cove, hidden between the cliffs and the promontories, and the clusters of coastal waterfalls talking about the small Soufriere on the south seashore.

The northern part of the island also offers beauty, including the Reduit Beach golden powder and the large bulwarks of Pidgeon Island National Park – home to British castles during the Seven – Year War.

Popular Destinations in St. Lucia

Gros Islet, Castries, Soufriere, Marigot Bay, Vieux Fort, Cap Estate, Rodney Bay, Laborie.

14. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean Island Tourism
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean Island Tourism

Lively Antigua and Barbuda play steel drums music. Every day, you can visit another beach and do not repeat yourself for a whole year–that’s why tourists and celebrities flock to this sun-drenched Caribbean island. Take a day cruise, rent a diving gear or bound for an island-style adventure on a Segway.

The duo Antigua and Barbuda represent one of the most tourist-oriented attractions of the region, separated by a short sky – the blue Caribbean Sea in the midst of the Leeward Islands.

Cricket grounds and bobbing cruise ships lie at the horizon in St. John’s Parish, the small and tight capital of the archipelago, and casino chips are never far away. There are a slap and click of them.

To get to the rest of Antigua (more important than these islands), the majority of travelers go up to the Shirley Heights Lookout, which showcases Falmouth and the English Harbor – two of the earliest colonial cities here – as its pearly white beaches, the profound green palm forests and occasionally bougainvillea flower.

The English influence of stone churches at the cliffs, while the old sugar plantations await inland.

And then Barbuda: a mecca for sailors and swimmers looking for true seclusion.

Popular Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda

St. John’s, Jolly Harbour, Antigua, English Harbour, Saint Mary’s, Falmouth, Barbuda, Bolans, Five Islands Village

15. Grenada

Experience Pure Grenada, the Caribbean Spice! Well-known as the home of spices such as nutmeg, the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and small Martinique invite gourmet visitors to taste three award-winning rum distilleries and to sample exquisite biology chocolate from five chocolate factories.

Grenada Caribbean Island Tourism
Grenada Caribbean Island Tourism

Fragrant cinnamon wafts, rolling in sultry Carib air, breezing with shimmering winds into the beautiful bays of Grand Anse and the bright white Morne Rouge Beach.

A volcanic origin, the island is spiked and dipped with the Mount Saint Catherine cones as well as Grand Etang’s grass – rimmed crater lakes.

You also have the opportunity to dive in the turquoise waters to explore the world’s first underwater park, to zip through the tropical rain forests, or to take a dune – buggy tour through its scenery.

Grenadas Underwater Sculpture Park is Free to Wonder
Grenades Underwater Sculpture Park is Free to Wander

The watersheds also squeeze and carve the landscapes, flow quickly across the rocky plains on Mount Carmel and flow through moss-covered steps on the Seven Sisters.

We shouldn’t forget the human side of things: the local Gouyave fish fries; the Antoine brewing river, home to some of the world’s oldest rum labels.

Popular Destinations in Grenada

St. George’sGrand Anse, Carriacou Island, Lance aux Epines, Hillsborough.

16. Punta Cana

Out from the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Punta Cana, the eastmost tip of the Dominican Republic. A region known for its beaches and clear waters stretching over 32 km.

Punta Cana bavaro Caribbean Island Tourism
Punta Cana Bavaro beach – Caribbean Island Tourism

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribean, the world’s famous Bavaro Beach, is surrounded by huge palm trees and as romantic as you could imagine.

Punta Cana’s very image of leisure is one of the best-golfing destinations in the world. Several of the courses were designed by professional golfers to present the perfect challenge you want during your golf trip.

The beaches in this area are just perfect: quiet warm waters lapping gently in fine white sand. Experience the magical lagoons of Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park with a zip – line adventure, tap your eyes with traditional Dominican music during cultural performances.

Bavaro and Punta Cana are a combined area of splendid and all-inclusive resorts, which is called the Coco Coast or La Costa del Coco. It is popular for the zip line, kayaking, and sailing. It’s very popular.

17. Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an island group in the South Caribbean Sea. It is a French overseas region. The destination is shaped like a butterfly, spreading its wings over the two main islands: Basse Terre and Grande Terre. These are combined with a number of manmade bridges on the hip and each offer another mix.

guadeloupe Caribbean Island Tourism
Guadeloupe Caribbean Island Tourism

In Grande Terre, travelers will find Gosier’s lively nightlife and stylish fashion showrooms, making way for Caravel’s shimmering beaches and Morne à l’eau’s heated tombs. Basse Terre, the larger of the two isles, is a wilder place.

In the jungle which springs from the volcanic grounds in a thousand green shades, it is crossed by countless waterfalls overlooked by the mighty mountains of the Grande Soufrière (the highest mountain in the whole Chain of Lesser Antilles!) and peppered with ancient archeological sites of Arawak.

The beaches of Hilly Grande – Terre Island are long. On Basse – Terre Island, Guadeloupe National Park includes Carbet Falls and the La Grande Soufrière volcano. Marie – Galante and La Désirade are among the smaller islands.

Popular Destinations in Guadeloupe

Saint FrancoisLe GosierSainte-AnneDeshaiesBouillante,  Le MouleBaie-MahaultPointe-NoireSainte RosePointe-a-PitrePetit-BourgTerre-de-HautTrois RivieresPort-LouisLes AbymesBasse-TerreCapesterre-Belle-EauSaint-Claude

18. Bermuda

Bermuda Caribbean Island Tourism
Bermuda Caribbean Island Tourism

It is known for it’s pink – sand beaches like Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda is a British island area in the northern Atlantic sea.

The huge Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern tourist and maritime history at the National Museum of Bermuda with the interactive DolphinQuest. The island is characterized by a distinctive combination of British and American culture in the Hamilton capital.

The topography is rough, with rocky walls rising directly from the ocean to host clifts at sites such as Tucker’s Point, whereas the climate is smooth and comfortable, between December to December.

There are clear similarities to the Caribbean, such as the colonial English, which still sprouts from the whitewashed mansions of St. George in Bermudas ‘ hearty country pubs and oozes.

Faced with one point on the mysterious Bermuda Triangle (although it may not be easy to miss here!), it’s not actually, strictly speaking, a hook – curve of land in the Caribbean.

Please take the pink beaches, which are lapped by waves of frothy atlases thanks to the powdered corals.

19. Cayman Islands

cayman islands Caribbean Island Tourism
cayman islands Caribbean Island Tourism

There are 3 islands on the Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is the largest –with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, gourmet restaurants, beach resorts, varied scuba diving and snorkeling sites, and famous Seven Mile Beach. Cayman Brac is a heaven of amazing dive and beautiful walks along the rocky bluff of nature lovers. And its popular launch point for deep-sea fishing excursions.  The Little Cayman – Only 150 people live on the smallest island. Visitors are invited to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, particularly the Bloody Bay Wall, considered to be one of the best wall dives in the world. and home to diverse wildlife, from endangered iguanas to seabirds such as red-footed boobies.

Join smiling local people, floating endangered marine turtles, floating ghost orchids, multi-colored iguanas, and some of the richest people in the trio of islands that make up the Caymans, building mansions on the Caribbean Seas.

Treasures lurk beneath the sea in the city of Stingray (watching stingray!), while the oversized tortoise wait in Boatswain’s Beach Pools.

There are beautiful beaches, ranging from the Seven Mile on Grand Cayman (one of the most popular) to small Cayman Brac’s untouched, seaweed sands.

The hedonism takes over at night, with fresco parties at the legendary Sunset House and rum – packed cocktails at Billy Bones.

There are great colonial forts such as the Castle of St. James and museums in George Town that tell of British marine history and Carib piracy.

Popular Destinations in the Cayman Islands

George TownSeven Mile BeachGrand CaymanWest BayCayman BracRum PointNorth SideEast EndLittle CaymanBodden Town.

20. The British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands 2
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, part of the Caribbean volcanic archipelago, is a British overseas area. The BVI is made up of over 60 idyllic islands and Comprising 4 main islands of Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda.

Known as the yacht destination for its beaches in a reef-lined area. The capital, Road Town and the rainforested Sage Mountain National Park are the largest island in the country, Tortola. The Baths, a maze of beach boulders, is located on Virgin Gorda island.

Turkish waters are an exciting experience to dive, catch fishing, sail, and swim. It has beautiful beaches and bays, fortresses, ruins, and warmly welcome peopleTortola is the largest island in the Volcán Chain.

Those courtyard territories, blown away by the continuous trade winds, have been long a mecca for the well – known Chinese navigator to raise flapping sail and weave designer yachts among the empty creeks and tributes of the moneyed VI archipelago tax haven.

The mainstream has also come into place over recent decades with unpleasant types of hawks, such as the sunk RMS Rhone which focus on endangered colonies off the ginger island, florid coral – colored gardens and awesome spots like SCUBA.

There are surfing opportunities at Apple Bay, while the windsurfers can take long and challenging rides throughout Anegada Island.

Be sure to reach the shimmering crystalline waters of the “Baths,” hidden between the black volcanic boulders on the edge of the Virgin Gorda when the time has come for relaxation.

Popular Destinations in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola, Road TownVirgin GordaJost Van DykeAnegada.

21. Haiti

Haiti Caribbean Island Tourism
Haiti Caribbean Island Tourism

Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east.

Although it is still recovering from an earthquake of 2010, many of Haiti’s early 19th century landmarks remain intact. Among them are Citadelle La Ferrière, a fortified mountain top, and the nearby Sans – Souci Palace, the former baroque King Henry’s royal home.

In other Caribbean areas, Haiti is more than one thing, with luxury resorts and tailored cocktails, designer brands and fine hotel suites.

Look out the uplifting walls of Laferrière Citadelle, America’s largest fortress that oozes tales of slave revolt and colonization.

Where other Caribbean islands are all about luxury resorts and custom cocktails, designer brands and hotel suites, Haiti’s adventure is more about one thing.

The beautiful Cape – Haitien sands, the Tortuga pirate retreat, the dense Pins Forest, and its hiking trails, the list continues.

Popular Destinations in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Petionville, Cap-Haitien, Jacmel, Les Cayes

22. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean Island Tourism
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean Island Tourism

South Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and Grenadines is a mainland nation of St. Vincent and a chain of 32 smaller islands.

The Kingpin of his homogenous archipelago is Saint Vincent, shaken like a pot of pepper to free the empty and retreat from the southern side of the Grenadines.

And what a king! And what a kingpin! Clad in emerald rainforest swathes, biodiversity is the opposite of the Americas: cowbirds floating between magenta orchid flora; tropical crash cascades; turtles and dolphin pods tweak in deep blue water each other.

It is known for its major navigation destinations such as Bequia Island off Admiralty Bay and bordered by white – sand beaches such as Princess Margaret, thanks to the yacht-filled harbors, chic private islands and volcanic landscapes. The capital, Kingstown, is located on the main island.

But some come to explore the lagoons and the mouth-watering Grenadines or to enjoy sunshine overlooking Bequia Beach, or the remote Tobago Cays.

Others strap on the SCUBA equipment and fly underwater between the Bat Cave and the endless barracuda and frogfish schools.

Popular Destinations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

KingstownBequia, St. VincentLower Bay, Port ElizabethBelmontFriendship, Clifton, Arnos ValeUnion Island, Spring Bay, Canouan, Mayreau

23. Montserrat

Montserrat Caribbean Island Tourism
Montserrat Caribbean Island Tourism

Montserrat is an island of the Caribbean in the Leeward Islands, a part of the Lesser Antilles in West Indies.

Held by many of the contemporary Pompeyians, Montserrat was wrecked in 1995, when a powerful dome of the previously peaceful Soufrière Hills exploded with magma – ash plumes, covered by flows of volcanic rocks and piercings from the beautiful English – stied capital of Plymouth.

Many of the people who lived there – from the Irish immigrants in the 1600s – moved largely to the north of the island, which is now the only place to visit safely outside the so-called Seclusion Zone. However, it is always an adventure to travel to tiny Montserrat.

This mountain – topped speck in the Lesser Antilles is a place proudly outside the Caribbean luxury trail and a place where empty trails are struck and empty shore roads are driven.

Oh, and in the hearty Gaelic pubs drink the frothy Guinness!

You will find the Rendezvous Bay, a jungle – spoke volcanic massif deep in Central Hills, multi-colored trees and plunge into young coral gardens.

24. St. Barts or St. Barthelemy

St. Barts Caribbean Island Tourism
St. Barts Caribbean Island Tourism

The island of Saint Barthelemy is well known for its beaches of white sand and design shops. It is a French-speaking Caribean island commonly known as St. Barts.

St Barts has a certain air that often works to keep the casual visitor away, the place for some of the most luxurious hotel resorts and exclusive boutiques on the planet. But to enjoy this one you don’t have to be a billionaire oil – fat cat. (It’s only a little helping.)

Now, a popular winter getaway for people from the continent of France, the rest of Europe and North América, the chic Caribbean Island – officially an area of France.

It’s certainly worth paying for the sandy sand hides between shell beaches, shiny headlands and the uber-romantic Flemish, snorkel in the waters of Colombier, and cocktail – lovers chatting through the bars of Grand Cul – de – Sac in designer bikinis.

Stay in shape and walk between places of interest or rent a car to see the island .. Strands like the Grand Saline, when you’re in a nude sunbathing attraction or the shady isolated beach of Colombier can be chosen.

In the evening, SCUBA divers and submerge tourists will be able to enjoy fresh hard cuts from the ground, while the capital Gustavia is home to countless private yachts and custom-made trend shops.

There is also a charming francophone edge on the overseas area of Paris, with two examples of Europe’s influences, with elegant high and fine dining.

Popular Destinations in St. Barthelemy

GustaviaSt. Jean, Marigot, Pointe Milou, Anse des Flamands, Lurin, Petit Cul de Sac, Anse des Cayes, Anse de Lorient, Gouverneur, Grand Fond, Colombier, Toiny, Corossol

25. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Island Tourism
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Island Tourism

Tobago and Trinidad are two Caribbean highlands near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines.

Trinidad is the biggest island, with its hills flowing with coconut palm tree blooms too beautiful beaches such as Maracas, Chagville, and Las Cuevas.

In the meantime, Tiny little Tobago is even less developed. It is Pigeon Point and Englishman’s Bay – both images of exotic beaches, the way you can see in a travel booklet.

Travelers can also visit Fort George’s whitewashed ruins and canons, go on the Matura beach for turtles, or take a part of raucous festivals at the pre – Lenten archipelago – a medley of Brazilian dance, one of the biggest cultural dates of the Caribbean!

This small twin-island republic offers an attractive combination of cultural and eco-adventure activities. The lively Trinidad, larger of them, is situated just outside Venezuela, with lively nightlife in Port-of-Spain’s modern capital. Driving along the North Coast Road offers you an amazing view over the lush forest.

Tobago is comparatively calm, two hours away by fast ferry. The pale rose sands and the golden sunsets contrast azure seas. This paradise is completed by preserved rainforest and amazing coral reefs.

Yeah, the tourism remained firmly in its back seat thanks to the refineries and flourishing fossil fuel industry. It is not a bad place to come, to say.

Popular Destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

Port of SpainTrinidad, Tobago, Crown Point, Scarborough, San Fernando, Black Rock, Castara, Buccoo, Chaguanas, Woodbrook, Bon Accord, Chaguaramas, Mount Irvine, Lowlands, Piarco, Trincity, Maraval.

26. St. Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts Nevis Caribbean Island Tourism
St Kitts Nevis Caribbean Island Tourism

The 2 island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

It’s famous for cloudy beaches and mountains. Many of his former sugar farms are now inns or ruins of an atmosphere.

The sculpted volcanic hills of St. Kitts and Nevis, covered in tropical, green blankets. The historic sugar plantations of St. Kitts and Nevis are clad in ages of moss and colonizing fortresses where canons roast on a salt sea.

The monkey shoals are the eye-opening dive areas of St. Kitts and Nevis. Frigate Bay Reef gliding turtle are the English – style churches and Basseterre royal fountains, Brimstone Hill’s striking remains and the blue – colored black cliffs fall down on the wave ocean.

St. Kitts and Nevis is a fine balance between adventurous and relaxing, magnificent tropical views and colonial history, even though occasionally brutal.

Briefly, St. Kitts and Nevis is a well – rounded holiday destination in the heart of the sunny Lesser Antilles.

Popular Destinations in St. Kitts and Nevis

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Nevis, Charlestown, Frigate Bay, New Castle.

27. Martinique

martinique island Caribbean Island Tourism
island Caribbean Island Tourism

The Martinique of Lesser Antilles is a rocky Caribbean island. A French overseas region, its culture reflects a distinctive mix of French and Western Indian influences.

Fort – de – France, the biggest city, is surrounded by hills, narrow streets and La Savane, a shopping and cozy garden. A statue of Islanders Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, is on the garden.

Martinique combines the beauty of the tropics with all the refined features that you would expect of the French overseas territory, a muddy of virgin forests and rising volcanic mountainous regions and a powdered, occasionally boggy cove in which the Caribbean Sea flows regularly.

Exhibitions, for example, dedicated to the artistic performance of the late 19th century Paul Gauguin, are set in the shadow of the dampening peak of active Mont Pelée.

Then the rough, moose – clad walls of the Gorges de la Falaise (The Response from the Caribbean to the Greek Samaria gorge) and the curious blends of spice – packed Tamil curries mix with French-speaking pastries on the streets of Fort – de – France meet numerous folds of empty sand from Grand Anse to Anse Turin.

Popular Destinations in Martinique

Trois-IletsFort-de-France, Sainte-Anne, Le Diamant, Sainte-Luce, Le Marin, Le Vauclin, Les Anses d’Arlet, Le Francois, Le Lamentin, Le Robert, La Trinite, Schoelcher, Saint-Pierre, Le Carbet, Tartane, Ducos, Riviere-Salee, Riviere-Pilote, Sainte Marie, Saint-Joseph.

28. Curaçao

Willemstad city Curaçao Caribbean Island Tourism
Willemstad city Curaçao Caribbean Island Tourism

Curaçao is known for its beaches and its expansive coral reefs rich in sea life. Curaçao is Dutch Caribbean Island.

The turquoise waters around Curacao are framed by 38 small, beautiful beaches and each one offers a distinctive experience, range from lonely to cliffy. This is a world-class destination for scuba– divers, and snorkelers, as are all kinds of windsurfers and boaters.

There are several colored Dutch mansions (a UNESCO world heritage site, besides) in Willemstad from the cobalt waters and craggy cliffs and sea turtles at the Shete Boka National Park. Sheet – bobbing harbors at Fort Amsterdam, floating markets, and cacti – topped hills to walk.

Some come and kicking in luxury resorts, such as the Hyatt and its private beach at Barbara, and others plunge into the fantastic Kalki beach, explore Hato Caves ‘ hanging stalactites or explore colonial history in places like the Museum of the Marine and Postal Museum in the city.

Popular Destinations in Curacao

Willemstad, Sint Willibrordus, Sabana Westpunt, Dorp Sint Michiel.


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